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Remodel your home

Remodel your home with Maria Munoz

No Money Upfront



You’re probably aware that making home improvements before putting your property on the market is one of the best ways to increase its value and entice buyers into making an offer. However, doing it this way also requires a lot of expenses up front – adding to what may already be a stressful time for you. 

But with the RealVitalize program, you can make the needed improvements and repairs to prep your home for sale with no payment until closing. No hidden fees, interest charges or markups. In fact, 56% of all homes have sold at or above the list price when sellers take advantage of the program. 

The RealVitalize® program lets you make the needed improvements and repairs to prep your home for sale. We pay the up-front costs and you don’t pay us back until closing, with no hidden fees, charges or markups.

  • Painting
  • Staging
  • Room Renovations
  • Flooring and Carpentry
  • Cleaning and Handyman Services
  • Electrical and Plumbing
  • Landscaping and Curb Appeal
  • Moving and Storage
  • And much more!

So whether you need room renovations, better curb appeal, painting or more, learn how the RealVitalize program can work for you by contacting me today.













Most homes using the RealVitalize program sell at or above list price*. 

 Use RealVitalize to help with: